Worcester, 2020, oil on linen

36 x 40

Its hard to believe that for a really long time in Europe a painting could fall into only five categories: History, Portrait, Genre, Still Life, and Landscape. There was a definite hierarchy, too. I understand why the hierarchy had to go, and I'm glad it did. Still lament the loss of a time when people cared so much about the subject matter of a painting that they were willing to exclude you entirely from the art community if you stepped outside the boundaries. I don't know exactly why people care less about these things now, but I suspect television has something to do with it. 


Capriccio was a trend of painting in the 18th century that came out of the popularity of painting ruins. Eventually the artists got bored with depicting actual ruins and just started making things up. While I admit I took many liberties in this depiction of Worcester, I still think this is firmly a Genre painting (note the construction workers and people just going about their daily affairs.)