NYC, 2015, oil on linen 24 x 28

 Oil paints seem to have developed something of a dangerous reputation. The strong and invasive fumes of turpentine are, I believe, the source of the fear, causing many would be oil painters to choose "less toxic" media like acrylic and watercolor (where they are sure to encounter toxic pigments like cobalt or cadmium.) In almost every introductory paint class I've taken, turpentine has been banned. In its place is suggested some form of alkyd resin, which, of course, does not do the same thing as turpentine. 


I'm not very precise with my medium. I fill small glass jars with solvents and oils and make mixtures as I go along. When I was traveling back and forth from Boston to NYC to take classes at The Art Students League, I started using alkyd resins so that the paintings would be cured fast enough to take them with me. Ronnie Landfield asked me if I knew about Philip Guston while I was painting this painting and it was one of the best compliments I've ever received.