Franconia Notch, 2014, oil on cotton, 22 x 26

I grew up in New Hampshire but I spent a significant amount of time out West in my early 20's. People from the West would always make a point to tell me how much better their mountains are than mine. I think it's silly to compare mountains, but the view of Franconia Notch going north on the highway is as good as anything out West. 


I think I was pretty tired of painting "stuff" at this point, but I really didn't want to paint a totally "abstract" painting, for what I realized was a pretty silly reason. My father took me to a lot of museums when I was younger, and somehow I had developed the notion that he did not care for "abstract" paintings, particularly the Abstract Expressionists. Right before I painted this I had gone to the MFA in Boston with my father and I remember him really liking a Joan Mitchell painting of some mountains. I gave him this painting and he said he really liked it and in a deep psychological way it gave me a great boost in confidence.